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Commercial success, first in screen printing, followed by other industrial specialty developments were the result of significant R&D investments. FIMOR has filed a dozen patents in the casting and electronic applications fields:


  • FIMOR is the originator of the squeegee color coding system, setting a world standard; FIMOR developed the first triple hardness squeegee, a significant contribution to the screen printing industry
  • Development of the eurette® designed by FIMOR.
  • Technical approval by the SNCF in 2014 of the new concept by FIMOR for Under Sleeper Pads (USP) for concrete railway sleepers.
  • Completion of a unique line of continuous casting.


FIMOR has received numerous awards including :

  • « NEF d’Or » of the city of PARIS for successful companies
  • « Innovative company » by ANVAR (today BPI France)
  • Trophies in the category ‘INTERNATIONAL‘ MIDEST and economic Magazine « Les Echos ».
  • « Innov’Space » award for a new heated mattress ‘Supor®’ used for breeding.


Internationally oriented sales policy

  • Active export sales on 5 continents; industrial presence on 3.
  • Focus on commercial niches and recurring contracts
  • Seizing of opportunities even outside our traditional areas of expertise
  • Competitive prices with a controlled yet flexible production.


Social responsibility

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications
  • Promotion of internal and external communication: weekly internal journal, semi-annual employee reunions, brochures in over 7 languages, press releases…
  • Fair and competitive wages
  • Opportunity for advancement at any age
  • Active involvement in many associations, professional, regional or international trade organizations.