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FIMOR Electronics

Specialization in high-value reliability electronic components, man-machine interfaces (IHM France factory located near Annecy, France)

  • Custom molded keyboards (silicone elastomers)
  • Membrane keyboards
  • Direct marking, front panel, technical labels…
  • Rugged Keyboards and trackballs for military and industrial use
  • Micro fans (blowers), resistors, LEDs indicators and lights…
  • Housings, chassis, cabinets, high quality cases for components and instruments
  • Rubber and plastic molding (compression, injection) « P+R »
  • Small electronic and component assemblies

FIMOR distributes internationally recognized brands for keyboards and electronic components with applications in industrial, medical, military or food-processing industry, including:
renowned brands for electronic components IHM France logo

More info on the site www.fimor-electronics.com.